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Should You Cleanse Your Skin At The Gym? Read On To Learn Why It Is Important To Look After Your Skin Pre & Post Workout And What Skincare You Should Be Using.

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Is Pre & Post Workout Skincare Important?

"Looking after your skin pre & post workout shouldn't be overlooked. Physical activity often leads to sweating, which can affect your skin" explains Katie, founder of för THE FACE and seasoned skin expert of 20 years. "It is crucial to use the correct skincare and cleanse your skin immediatley after exercising to maintain its health. Accumulated sweat and oils on your skin can clog pores and result in breakouts. To prevent this, it is advised to use a pH-balanced cleanser that preserves your skin's natural oils".

Should I Remove My Makeup Before Working Out?

"It's not just about post workout skin, it's important to prepare your skin before exercising by ensuring it is free of heavy makeup, especially non-mineral based products. Makeup can block pores, preventing proper sweat secreation, which can lead to inflamation and breakouts. This doesn't mean you need to take all of your skincare products to the gym. It helps to cleanse at home before going to the gym and to avoid makeup. I recommend pplying an SPF and a light moisturiser. If you are going to the gym straight after work, read on to see my top cleansing tips on-the-go!"

What Skincare Products Should I Use On My Skin After The Gym?

"As you have already disscovered, it is essential to cleanse your skin pre & post work

out, but adding certain skincare products will help to seal in moisture immediatley after cleansing is also important. Your skin will loose moisture and be dehydrated due to sweating during exercise. Along with staying hydrated by drinking lots of water during your workout, remember to apply a hydrating serum/moisturiser right after cleansing".

My Top Professional Skin Care Tips For Gym Skin

"The best advice I can share with you is to avoid using makeup wipes before and after working out. While they might appear convenient, they can be harmful to your skin skin in the long run.

It is possible to cleanse your skin hassle-free at the gym.

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For Your Pre & Post Workout Skincare

Try These Simple Steps To Smash Your Pre & Post Workout Skincare (Aswell As Your Workout)

  • Transfer your cleanser into a smaller container (if travel sizes are not an option)

  • The FACE klôTH cleansing mitt (see item below) is a reusable makeup remover mitt that will remove stubborn makeup, with just water! It's also great for removing your cleanser in one go. It acts as a makeup remover wipe, but without the negatives of damaging your skin and reduces single use materials.This versatile cleansing mitt is perfect for on-the-go use!

I hope you enjoyed reading about pre & post workout skincare. For more free skin tips & promotions, make sure to subscribe below.

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