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  • Which product is right for you
    Whether it's a make-up remover mitt, pad or face cloths you are looking for, we have them all! But which one should you pick? It's really down to preference and what style suits your needs. All of our cleansing and exfoliating tools are suitable for all skin types and conditions. They boast the same advanced microfibre technology and fast acting results. To gently and efficiantly remove make-up & skincare products, just by adding water, and reuse again and again. Here is a little guide to help you choose: FACE klôTH - A convenient mitt that fits snugly over your full hand and wrist, allowing full control for a precise cleanse. The FACE klôTH is perfect for traveling and for busy lifestyles- Ideal for a no fuss, quick cleanse. No matter how late your night is. spa klôTH - An extra large {70x20cm} face cloth which provides a professional cleanse, at home. The spa klôTH is extremely popular with skincare professionals who use the spa klôTH in their treatment room. The spa klôTH is large enough to cocoon your full face, mixing relaxation with cleansing. You may even choose to add a drop of {pure} essential oil to the ends of your spa klôTH for the ultimate {spa} experience. The spa klôTH is perfect for a relaxing and thorough cleanse and the best choice for removing skincare products such as masks and exfoliants. This is also our top pick If you are a big make-up wearer, due to it's size. Simply add water and follow with your favourite cleanser. It's also a great tool if you are treating body acne as it can wrap around your back and help to wash this hard to reach area, working in and removing your cleanser. cirkulär cleansing sponge - A large {round} sponge that removes stubborn make-up with ease. We generally recommend the cirkulär cleansing sponge for removing make-up {particularly eye make-up}. Although you can remove other skincare products with the cirkulär cleansing sponge, the FACE klôTH or spa klôTH are more suited. Pëbble Natural Konjac Sponge -The ultimate tool that is a must in everyone's skincare regime! Natural Konjac {vegetable} fibres deep cleanse and gently exfoliates your skin for a radiant complexion, without compromising the skin's barrier. The Pëbble Natural Konjac Sponge also helps your cleanser to work deeper, for better results. We recommend pairing the Pëbble Natural Konjac Sponge with a cleansing tool of choice {see klenz & glō collection}. Please view individual products for more detailed information
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